Our Stringing is Cheeze ... But Not Cheezy!


Stringing sticks around the Haddam - Killingworth and shoreline areas of Connecticut. Read more to find out why our services are better than our competition's.

   Our stringing is so cheeze... but not cheezy!  The stick we string for you will perform equal and/or BETTER than most other stringers in the Shoreline Connecticut area.  Check out our other pages for more information on our services. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @stringcheezelax .

   At String Cheeze, we offer a range of services and sales such as materials,  custom string jobs, custom dyeing, and coming soon will be our very own Cheezy Wax Mesh!

   Contact us at : (860)-581-0102 or at our e-mail, stringcheezelax@gmail.com